School Reopenings Stymie Teens' Reseller Gigs

School Reopenings Stymie Teens’ Reseller Gigs

It turns out school reopenings are disrupting the cash flow of industrious teenagers who spent the pandemic scooping up in-demand products via bots and reselling them for a hefty profit. From a report: “Yes, I am back in school. Yea, it’s very annoying,” said one US high school student named Dillon, who regularly buys video game consoles and graphics cards with automated bots. “I am sitting in math class and drawing class with my computer open, and I get told to shut it down during a [product] drop sometimes,” he told PCMag in an interview. Dillon may be young, but he’s among the legion of online scalpers who spent the pandemic at home buying and reselling the tech world’s most-wanted products. “I would say around $10,000 to $12,500 average a month,” he told PCMag. “Some months it would be exponentially higher, some would be lower.” Using automated bots he purchased and installed on his computer, and intel from other online resellers, Dillon scooped up products like the PlayStation 5 ahead of other consumers and sold them off at inflated pricing. But lately, Dillon’s reselling hit a snag. After months away from high school because of the pandemic, he’s now back in the classroom, where computer use can be strictly controlled. “When everything closed [during the pandemic], I could do whatever I wanted because I was doing my school from home,” he said. But with the return of in-classroom teaching, Dillon says his profits have now fallen by about 25%.Read more of this story at Slashdot.
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