5 Tips To Save Money On Clothes

5 Tips To Save Money On Clothes

A reader recently emailed us with advice on how to put together a stylish wardrobe on a tight budget.

That is a really good question!

On this website, we go into great detail about why it’s crucial to spend money on your wardrobe. Additionally, the value of making a high-quality clothes investment to buy fewer items overall. This advice won’t be very helpful for you if your budget is more investment-aspiring than investment-ready.

So here are five tips for getting a stylish adult wardrobe while spending less on clothing:

1. Purchase clothing from secondhand shops

I’m aware that we don’t discuss thrifting often here, and there’s an excellent reason why. Let’s imagine that we are writing a piece about the best men’s work coats. Any link to a resale website, such as Grailed or eBay, is useless. Why? Because there is only one jacket available in that specific size, and once it has been sold, there is nowhere else to find it. To ensure that the recommendation is as helpful to as many people as possible, we always choose to recommend wearable items for your closet that are currently offered in a variety of sizes for clothing and accessories. On the other hand, thrifting is a great way to cut costs on clothing without fully giving up buying!

Here is how it may function in real life:

Look check our post about chore coats if you want more information. You select your favourite (or the top two or three), then you go to websites that sell used items and enter the same description along with your size.

You might be lucky and get rich! Maybe you won’t, in which case you’ll have to widen your search. Use “Chore coat L” in place of “Todd Snyder chore coat L.”

Who knows, you might strike it rich! Yes, thrifting an item will involve more physical or virtual labour than purchasing it in-season and fresh. But hey, it just makes for a better story when someone compliments your amazing style.

2. Alter the garments in your closet.

Yes, I agree, I agree, I agree, I agree, I agree, I agree Shopping is different from “shopping your closet” in some ways.

But how can you alter your wardrobe so that the items fit you well and you desire to wear them? That is a great way to cut costs on apparel. The guys who aren’t on a tight budget can also use this advice. Since you had purchased your garments, you will undoubtedly need to spend more money on them initially. Why then does Team SG want you to spend even more money on them? Yes, but the idea is that once you’ve changed the fit of a garment that you wear infrequently, you’ll use it more frequently. More frequent use lowers the cost per wear, providing you with a longer-term financial benefit (both of the garment itself, and for the tailoring cost you paid on top of that).

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3. Get a browser plugin with a bargain aggregator

I once used to Google “[shop] coupon code” before making a purchase. Then I discovered price comparison websites (I use this one from Capital One Shopping). The extension you install on your browser will automatically look for discounts and apply the best one to your order when you’re checking out. It’s thrilling, in a “contestant spinning the wheel on The Price Is Right” sort of way, to watch the browser plug-in appear at checkout and cycle through all the discounts and coupon codes it’s trying on your behalf before arriving at the greatest one.

4. Hold a clothing exchange

My favourite pair of pricey shorts belonged to an old coworker (yes, there are costly shorts for ladies). We met together twice a year with a bag or two full of perfectly nice clothes that we were both just…tired with. We were the same size. She would choose what she wanted from my possessions, and I would chose what she wanted from her suitcase. After selling the remaining items at Buffalo Exchange, she and I would immediately have brunch with the money we had made. It was either coffee or tea, depending on how much the person behind the counter took from each of our individual hauls. That was a lovely little Saturday, in my opinion! While it may initially seem strange to suggest an outfit swap with your similarly sized guys, remember that it’s 2021! Join forces with your most stylish buddies by escaping your heteronormative cocoon!

5. Consult a stylist

That much is true.

You’d be surprised at how much money you may save on clothing when you purchase goods that a seasoned stylist has personally chosen for you. Here at Style Girlfriend, you can work with a member of Team SG on a Wardrobe Refresh, where she will choose 5 items to spruce up your wardrobe for the season, or a Wardrobe Reboot, where she will choose 12 items to help you fully rebuild your wardrobe. The service cost pays for your stylist’s time and knowledge; the items you choose from your shopping list are totally up to you. Similar to the tailoring suggestion, you’ll pay more up front for a better, more affordable outcome in the long run.

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