How to Wear a Hat Like a Film Star to Look Sharp and Wow the Ladies

How to Wear a Hat Like a Film Star to Look Sharp and Wow the Ladies

The majority of individuals use hats as accessories to look better and grab attention, even if many still wear them to protect themselves from the sun, wind, and cold. Despite the fact that hats come in a wide variety of styles, shapes, materials, and colours, you must understand that a hat will improve your appearance if it improves your face symmetry. Unfortunately, most people do not have completely symmetrical faces at birth; they may have broad foreheads, peculiarly shaped chins, and oddly shaped noses. You might look more attractive by choosing a hat that enhances the symmetry of your face. Here are some helpful hints for choosing the correct hat to look more professional:

Hats for Various Face Shapes

When purchasing a hat, there are numerous factors to take into mind. Even if you only intend to wear the hat as a fashion piece and do not require weather protection, you must take the event and temperature into account. Appreciating your face form and purchasing a hat that will counteract your features and add to its symmetry will help you look better. This is another factor to take into account when picking a hat to improve your appearance. Here are some wise suggestions for selecting hats for various facial types:

Full and Short Face

A rounded face tends to look short, so you’ll gain from donning a hat that adds a few extra inches to your height. You’ll do well to pick a hat with a medium-sized, somewhat tapered crown that is both tall and wide. The proportion of a hat’s top to bottom width is referred to as the taper. For instance, top hats typically have a very slight taper. Choose a brim that is medium in width, then snap it to its full width by turning it up all the way. The back of the hat, not the front, should be tilted for a wiser appearance because the front will cover your face and shorten it. The Panama hat, Fedora, and Gambler are some of the greatest hats for persons with short, round faces.

Thin and Long Face

For a better and more balanced appearance, you should opt for a hat that shortens your long, thin face shape. Avoid crowns that are overly high, full, or square; instead, choose for hats that are low in height and have a reasonable taper. To break up the vertical line of your long face and shorten it, choose a wide hatband in a contrasting hue. You can put on a medium-sized brimmed hat with a snap that runs from ear to ear and is slightly slanted to the rear. The Fedora, Derby, and Homburg are advised hat designs.

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Head-Heavy Face

You should wear a hat that balances the top and bottom of your face if your face is bigger at the top and narrows to your chin. Avoid high or full crowns that add bulk to the top of your face and go instead for hats with a medium or short crown and a pinch in the front. A hat with a fairly tapered crown looks good, especially when worn with a hatband that is narrow to medium in width and matches the colour of the hat. The brim should, under ideal circumstances, be medium in width, flat at the front, and rolled back at the sides and back. The hat can be slightly tilted to the side, but you should be careful not to push it too far back because that would reveal too much of your forehead. The Fedora and the Homburg are the best top-heavy faces.

Round Face

You need a hat to soften the lines of your face and prevent it from seeming too square. You might select a hat with a full, rounded, moderately tall crown and little taper. The finest hat for breaking up the square shape of your face is one with a wide brim that is turned or snapped up and tilted to the side, especially if you don’t push the hat back too much on your head. The Bowler and the Homburg are excellent purchases. A soft hat that softens the angles of your face will work well, according to Reader’s Digest.

Long Nose

You would be wise to select a medium-height hat without a severe pinch at the front and with little taper if you have a long nose. The brim should be broad enough to cover your nose. Your large nose can be hidden if you wear it tilted to the side with a vibrant, wide hatband. Purchasing a Fedora can be effective.


While most colours on a hat can be worn by guys, some hues go better with your skin tone and hair. If your skin is reddish, you might want to consider donning hats colours grey, blue, and brown. Gray and dark blue look best on pale skin, although brown also complements skin that is dark or dark olive in colour.

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