Who Was The SNL pepperboy?

The comedian played Carlo, an inept apprentice who struggled to master the skill of pepper grinding from his superior Marco (Dana Carvey) while working in an Italian restaurant, in a skit that aired during SNL’s 20th season.

Although Carvey’s Marco told Carlo to always approach each table and inquire about the food with questions like “Fresh pepper?” and “Say when,” Marco constantly lets his nerves get the better of him and even puts pepper in a customer’s chocolate mousse. He receives a slap in the face from Carvey’s Marco waiter at one point: “The pepper is not wanted by everyone. The laws apply! This is the pepperboy style of art. Do not let it pass away with me.” Carlo and Marco are shocked when their boss informs them that every table will now have an electronic pepper grinder after they finally master the technique, and they are fired as a result.

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Additionally appearing as dinner guests in the sketch series were Janeane Garofalo, Tim Meadows, Chris Elliott, Chris Farley, and Michael McKean.


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An incompetent apprentice pepperboy learns the sensual art of grinding pepper from an old master.

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