FTM Packing Gears

FTM Packing Gears Helps Transmen For Reach Their Goals

Packing is an important factor in transgender men’s life. It includes underwear, STP packers, and other essential parts.

When trans man starts their hormone replacement therapy, they may face chest dysphoria and also bottom dysphoria. Chest dysphoria makes a trans guy very dysphoric and emotional. In some cases, chest dysphoria creates mental health issues. Though chest binders help something to move on.

Bottom dysphoria is a very dangerous health issue for mental health. FTM gears might be helpful to remove or reduce the bottom dysphoria. There are few packing gear companies. But most of the companies provide costly products that are not affordable for transgender men.

Today we gonna provide the most affordable ftm packing gears for trans men which you can buy easily. Axolom has shared a few informative articles regarding gender dysphoria and How to buy an STP packer or FTM Packing gear.

Best FTM Packing Gears

  • Axolom Thinker STP packer

  • Axolom Handy STP packer

  • Axolom Homerun STP packer

  • Axolom Hoodie STP packer

  • Axolom Astro STP packer

Here we shared a few descriptions of each product. Let’s check the following details.

Axolom Thinker

Axolom Thinker is a 3-in-1 STP packer. It includes pee, pack, and play. It has a pleasure rod for play. You can insert it into the packer while you play. The price is 59$ and the pleasure rod price is 24$. It’s the best choice for beginners. The height is 5.3 inches. The big version is also available. The name of the big version is Axolom Handy.

Axolom Homerun

Axolom Homerun is a different style packer. The packer gear is very good. The price is 79$. The height is 5.5-6.3 inches. It looks very similar to Axolom Hoodie. Pleasure rods are also available in the store.

Axolom Astro

Axolom Astro is a small packer. It’s a 4-in-1 STP packer. The price is 59$. It has pleasure ridges like Axolom Thinker. It’s a good model as a small STP packer.

Best FTM Packers

  • Axolom Au Natural FTM Packer

  • Axolom Fusion FTM Packer

  • Axolom Classic FTM Packer

  • Axolom Monseigneur FTM Packer

The most selling FTM packers are Axolom Monseigneur. It’s an adhesive STP packer and also it can pack with ftm packing boxer. Other FTM packers are also great for packing easily. There are a few small ftm packers.

Best Pack N Play Packers

  • Axolom Eros

  • Axolom Perseus

  • Axolom Altas

The Pack And Play Packers are also available in Axolom Store. We loved their FTM Pack N Play packers. It’s affordable and totally good for play. You can search “Axolom Eros” on google to check all the details.

Axolom provides cheap FTM STP packers at affordable pricing. We really support their gear.

How to buy FTM Packing Gear?

There are few prosthetics companies that provide FTM packing gears such as STP packers, chest binders, ftm underwear briefs, and other appeals. It’s easy. You can search “Axolom STP Packers” and select your favorite packer according to your wishes.

How to position an STP packer?

Packing is a really necessary thing. You can position the packer from the clitoris area and stop before the bladder. Whenever you use the stand-to-pee prosthetic, you’ll position the packet tightly so that the packer doesn’t leak the pee.

Thanks for reading the articles. For more information, you can follow their tutorials or you can generally search on google ” Axolom Tutorials”. You’ll get more pieces of information. Stay in touch with us.


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