Mircari: Advantages & Disadvantages

Is Mircari Best E-commerce Platform? Advantages & Disadvantages

Mircari Introduction

Mircari Inc., a well-known Japanese e-commerce company (Mercari WikiPedia) launched in 2013, offers merchants and consumers a superb platform to buy and sell life-related goods.

You can sell everything on the Mircari marketplace, including $2 socks, used Nike’s, designer purses, jewellery, and electronics. Since its introduction, Mircari has expanded excessively, averaging more than 10 billion transactions per month.  More than 100 million people have downloaded Mircari worldwide. This app restricts in-person interactions and requires that only legit sellers deliver items to buyers. Mircari manages all payments to help prevent fraud on either side.

According to a survey, this website is the one that is preferred by more than 94% of online shoppers in Japan. As a direct response to their achievements in Japan, Mircari opened up shop in the United States in 2014 and in the United Kingdom in 2016. Mircari was eventually put out of business in the UK as a result of operational issues; however, the company is still in business in the United States and distributes to all 50 states.

Is Mircari Legit?

Mircari, which offers a platform for connecting sellers and buyers, acts as an agent and keeps a tiny commission. It is a marketplace operational since 2013 used by millions of people, downloaded over 100 million times, and has positive ratings on its mobile app is certainly a legitimate platform. With over 20 million active members each month, Mircari has a significant volume of transactions.

The buyer’s trust is disturbed by the presence of some fake sellers who curse people by offering extremely low prices for fake products yet making them simple to spot. In order to combat these fake sellers, Mircari withholds the buyer’s payment for up to three days after you receive your package.

During this time, the client can determine whether the goods is satisfactory or not. If a consumer receives a fake goods, they can request a refund by submitting a valid return form along with the necessary information, and the money is returned to their account within seven working days.

On this platform, fraud buyers exist alongside scam merchants. Scams on this platform include purchasing items using payment gateways not listed by Mircari, returning damaged products and requesting a refund without returning the product and reporting your account or providing incorrect reviews, which leads to account suspension. However, the support team has taken numerous precautions to ensure that your experience on our platform is not ruined.

How to avoid scams on Mircari?

How to avoid scams on Mircari?

Mircari’s support team is always available to help you in the event that you become a victim of fraud, but in the event that you want to avoid becoming a victim of fraud while shopping on Mircari, here are a few tips that you can follow.

1. Never be Greedy for Cheaper one:

The most typical way scammers gain clients is by offering lower pricing. Fraudulent vendors list product pricing as low as possible in comparison to the market, causing customers to fall for the scam. So, if the price of the product is significantly lower than the market price, avoid such type products.

 2. Verify the seller:

One most effective way to avoid scams is seller’s verification. There are few simple steps to verify if the seller is real or not.

  • Reviews and sales
  • Seller Badges 
  • Profile verification

Seller with more than 50 reviews are recommended as it becomes easier to judge from these much reviews. Seller badges are awarded according to stats of seller. Good Sellers generally have badges like  Fast responder, Quick shipper and Reliable 

3. Checkout with PayPal

Checking out with PayPal is a very efficient way to avoid scams. As an example, if you pay through PayPal, which is accepted by Mircary, you will have advantage of buyer protection given by PayPal. So, whenever possible, use PayPal to complete your transaction.

4. Ask for a Shipping ID

Once you’ve paid for an item, always ask the seller for a tracking number.The best course of action is to message the seller and request the tracking number of your order because there are instances when the seller forgets to update tracking details after confirming shipment.

Please give your order 7 days to arrive if your seller confirms shipment but does not provide a tracking number.  Even if the item has been sent by the seller, you are still permitted to cancel your order and receive a refund if it hasn’t arrived after 7 days.


Mircari Features

1. Unique as compared to other platforms

In numerous ways, Mircari is distinct from other e-commerce platforms. As with other platforms, Mircari does not charge an upfront listing fee; instead, it deducts a commission from the sale of each item. Therefore, Mircari is preferred for low-investment startups and businesses.

The Mircari platform also makes it easier to create an account and start selling. Other platforms, however, require more time to list products prior to selling and more steps to set up a store.

2. Low fee

Mircari is preferred primarily due to its low fees and favourable conditions for low-investment sellers. Other platforms require you to create an account by paying a fee at the start before you can sell. However, on Mircari, you may be required to pay only 10% of the product price as a commission to Mircari. 

3. Safe Payment

Mircari itself holds money in escrow until the customer is satisfied with the product, and after three days, payment is released instantly to the seller. Therefore, nobody is at risk because Mircari itself holds the amount. Mircari has multiple payment options and also accepts PayPal.

4. Easy to sell and buy

Both selling and purchasing on Mircari are incredibly simple, requiring only a few basic steps. You are permitted to list your product without paying a registration fee after creating an account for selling purposes and having it validated. After adding a few images, a description, and a valid price to your product listing, it will be sold on a marketplace with more than one million active users.

To make a purchase on Mircari , simply select a product, pay using any of the convenient payment methods offered, and wait a few days for the product to be delivered.

5. Shipping

Shipping options on Mircari are also varied. In addition to allowing sellers to ship products directly to customers, Mircari also offers a prepaid plan for sellers to ship products with great care. This plan’s shipping costs are low and the same for all products, regardless of shape or size, up to a certain limit. For heavier items, Mircari also offers an option on the seller dashboard with additional fees.

Additionally, Mircari offers pack and ship services in which the packing of products is handled by professionals to make things more convenient.

Advantages And Disadvantages 

Mircari Advantages And Disadvantages 

Mircari is a great place to buy and sell. Although there are a few pros and cons to this e-commerce platform, 

Mircari Advantages 

1. Low cost

Mircari is one of the cheapest platforms to sell on, as there are no account creation fees and only a 10% commission is deducted when a product is sold. 

2. Adaptable Shipping Techniques

On Mircari, you are provided with a variety of shipping options, including the choice to ship an item using your own shipping method or to prepay for shipping through Mircari.

3.Vast Collection

If you are unsure of what to sell on Mircari, you have nothing to worry about because there are a vast number of categories available for sale. On this platform, you can sell nearly any product type or variety.

4. Transaction Gateway

The fact that Mircari provides a payment gateway in the form of holding the money for three days in their escrow secures payments for both the seller and the buyer. 

Mircari Disadvantages 

1. Late Payments

The fact that Mircari only pays you when a customer rates you, which makes the payment process too lengthy, is a significant drawback of this website. This is done to gain the buyers’ confidence that their money is safe until they receive their desired product, thereby increasing sales.

2.Limits in Listing

One major disadvantage of this website is that it only allows you to add a limited number of characters to your product listings or titles. Therefore, you must limit the number of words you use when describing your product.

3. Fake Sellers

Due to the ease of creating an account, this platform has a higher than average number of fraudulent sellers. Even if they are banned due to anonymous actions, fake sellers will suffer no loss as account creation is free.

4. Striving Competition

By default, your page displays a combination of sold and available products in a random order. Potential purchasers should install a filter to determine what is for sale.

How to sell on Mircari

How to sell on Mircari

Selling on Mircari is not a challenging task; all you need to do is follow a few simple steps to get your product listed and start making sales on Mircari right away.

  1. Create an account on our website first thing if you want to sell anything because that’s the first thing you need to do here. You will need to fill out a form in order to create an account, and during that time, you will be required to provide your credentials as well as some personal information.
  2. Connect a payment method to your listing in order to commence getting paid in the not too distant future.
  3. Once you’ve successfully created an account, you’ll be prompted to choose your product and upload a few images of it before moving on to the next step. These pictures will be used to give potential customers an overview of what you have to offer using visual aids like this.
  4. You should list your product on Mircari with a succinct description, a few photos, and a title that is appealing to potential buyers. Because of this, your product will come to life on the website.
  5. Set a competitive price to sell on Mircari. A price that is attractive to customers will bring in a greater number of those customers; however, you shouldn’t try to make it even more affordable than it already is because doing so will make your product appear to be less genuine.
  6. In order to win the trust of the customers, make sure that you check the notifications carefully and respond in a timely manner.
  7. Once you have received an order, select a shipping method that will enable you to deliver the project to the recipient in the quickest time possible while maintaining the highest level of safety. 

Drop-shipping on Mircari

Although Drop-shipping is not permitted on Mircari in its official capacity, you can still engage in the practise by overcoming a few obstacles. Mircari is one of the few platforms that is as user-friendly and as cost-effective as it is. Therefore, drop-shipping on it may not be an easy task, but it is doable and well worth the effort.

Just make sure that your drop-shipping supplier is familiar with the terms and conditions associated with drop-shipping on Mircari and possesses the resources necessary to adhere to them.


More than one hundred million people around the world have downloaded the e-commerce platform known as Mircari, which is based in Japan. In addition to this, it has more than 20 million active users per month who collectively conduct up to 1 billion transactions per year. Although there are a multitude of sellers on this platform, there are also a number of dishonest individuals who cause legitimate sellers to incur losses.

Mircari provides multiple precautions to take when dealing with these kinds of sellers, such as keeping the buyer’s money in escrow for three days after the product has been delivered. Additionally, there is a support team that is available around the clock to assist you. After its success in Japan Mircari has grown much more than anyone anticipated it would, and it is now operating in the United States of America and delivering to all 50 of its state.

We are able to say that Mircari is an excellent location for low-investment sellers and a wonderful destination for shopping for goods related to day-to-day life.

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